1. WEATHER:  The sub tropical climate here is beautiful from October-June.  Warm, sunny days, cool evenings, and a gentle breeze. A running joke I have with my friends during these months is whether it could be more perfect if it was one degree cooler or one degree warmer!  We have yet to reach a consensus.
  2. PEOPLE:  The people here are warm, inviting and constantly smiling.  They eagerly embrace foreigners and are incredibly well-natured.  Mexicans live for the “moment”, they do not dwell in the past or fret about the future.  I have made many great friendships here in PV and for this I am very grateful.
  3. ACTIVITIES:  Whether it is playing tennis (my personal passion), golfing, fishing, swimming, strolling the Malecon, browsing world class art galleries and shops, meeting new friends, learning a new language, volunteering for numerous charities or dining in gourmet restaurants, there is something here for everyone.  You can expand your horizons and find your passion in Puerto Vallarta.
  4. HEALTH:  Not only do I lead a much healthier lifestyle here; eating fresh fish, fruit and vegetables and staying active, I also have access to great affordable healthcare.  Major medical health care for my family (wife and two boys) is less than $1500 USD per year.  A visit to the doctor is approximately $25 USD and they actually take time to sit down with you and talk to you about your illness; they will also inquire about your family and give you advice on wellness.
  5. PACE OF LIFE:  It moves slower here.  Family is important.  The elderly are cherished.  Children are loved.  The “little things in life” matter here.  Streets close to host “alfresco” neighborhood block parties.  It is hard to explain, but it feels like my hometown did thirty years ago. 

Of course no place is perfect; here are some things that I find challenging:  Hills and cobblestone roads can make walking (and driving for that matter!) difficult in some areas.  There is the occasional language and cultural barrier. We have plenty of rain and high humidity in the summer.  PV is almost a city now; it is not the charming little “pueblito” it used to be 10 years ago.  Crowds, traffic, public security and urban planning are issues that need to be addressed.  Prices are not what they used to be either, most basics are still relatively inexpensive, but the “splurges” (top restaurants, golf courses, 5 star hotels, luxury condominiums) have prices rivaling the US.

Sorry, it is too hard to narrow my list down to the top 5, so here a couple more:

ROMANCE:  Beautiful people, sultry weather, alluring scenery.  Stroll hand in hand barefoot on sandy beaches during the day and be serenaded by traveling minstrels under starry skies at night.  If that is not a perfect recipe for Valentine’s day, I don’t know what is.

NATURAL BEAUTY:  Everywhere you look in PV there is beauty.  The sunsets here are truly miraculous.  The emerald green jungle hillside is awe-inspiring.  The tropical gardens are absolutely gorgeous.  There are crystal blue skies, clear ocean water and miles and miles of sandy beaches.  I am truly blessed to live here.

Well, those are my reasons; I wish you luck in finding yours!  I would also invite our readers to take our poll and let us know your favorite things in PV.